Team Orion Engines Dominate JBRL R1


“Team Orion team mates Cody King and Ryan Cavalieri cleaned up at the JBRL Round 1 this past Sunday. Cavalieri saw some issues in qualifying, but sorted it out and bumped all the way from the bottom main to win truggy, and capture second place in buggy. King took the exact opposite route, TQing both classes and capturing the buggy crown. With 340 entries for a one day event, it was a miracle they finished before midnight. Turn out was huge with 330 entries for a one day event. Cody TQ’d both Buggy and Truggy. He took the TQ in buggy despite having to be corner marshaled two times! Cody used the Alpha .24 in truggy and .21 in buggy. Cody’s father and mechanic commented: “We went 10 minutes with the 3 port engine and still had fuel remaining. Maybe this had something to do with responsible throttle use by Cody, but still the engine is doing nicely on fuel mileage. I think we could have gone 12:30 – 13 minutes.” Find Out More… [Source –]