LRP Enters the World of Drifting!


“The Ultimo Drift series of products has been specially developed for the demands of both the parking lot drifter and the serious competition drift racer. Drifting for everyone! The LRP ULTIMO Drift Type 1 brushless motor is specially developed for drifting and gives you style, performance and power at a low price. This motor is ideal for beginner to intermediate racers entering the world of drifting!

Features – 
• Hand wound
• Double ball bearings
• Sport Modified teardown
• Dismountable
• Solder tabs for easy and safe installation
• Pre-wired
• Sensored technology
• Standard 540 size/weight

RPM 31.680
Specific rpm/volt, kV 4400 kV
Power 190W

Drifting for professionals!

LRP takes drifting to the next level! The all new LRP ULTIMO Drift Type 2 brushless motor has been optimized in every area, such as winding, magnet size, timing and rpm level to achieve the ultimate in drive feeling, controllability and performance for drift racing.

• Military spec, sintered neodymium magnet
• Low resistance design
• Hand wound
• XTEC Modified teardown
• Dismountable and timeable
• Oversized low friction ball bearings
• Solder tabs for easy and safe installation
• Sensored technology

Drifting can’t get any easier than this!

Install the LRP ULTIMO Drift speed control in your car and be amazed! Unbelievably smooth throttle control and special drifting brake profiles, including handbrake effect will let you slide around the corners with maximum control and style. Blue metalized case for that cool and stylish drifting look!

• AutoCell System – Automatic NiMh/LiPo adaptation
• Special drifting throttle- and brake-profiles, including handbrake effect
• ADVANCED Digital with 4 adjustable modes
• Automatic brushless/brushed adaptation
• Internal-Temp-Check-System
• Sensored technology
• Multi Protection System
• Blue metalized case for cool look
• Can be operated with sensored and sensorless”

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