TQ for Green / UK with Serpent 966


Serpent reports – “Mark Green (Serpent 966/Xceed) took TQ honours in the last qualifying heat, being in 2nd place behind Salve before. An excellent last run showed TQ pace and a new track-record in the books as well. Well done. Salven in 2nd in the end, leading the 4 other qualifiers. Serpent 966 combo with Mega working really well. Last qualifier little too lean to improve. Everybody getting used to the 7 minute qualifiers, as per new EFRA rules. Local hero Jordy Blok Serpent 966/Mega improved his time in the last deciding run and was able to outpace Grosskamp and Vrielinck and moved into 3rd place. Mechanic Hans Blok did an excellent job, prepairing the car.” Read More… [Source – serpent.com]