HongNor Won Rd1 of Danish Championship


Hong Nor reports that the first round of the Danish Championship went very well. Tim Culmsee TQ’ed in Truggy class and Jan D Hansen won the truggy race. In Buggy class Steffen Culmsee was the Top Qualifier who then went on to win the race.

Buggy – 
1. Steffen Culmsee (TQ) Hongnor X2-CR-Pro, C2CR/BP engines/louise tires/Jets NRG
2. Peter Harder
3. Tim Culmsee Hongnor X2-CR-Pro/RB/VP-Pro/Jets

Truggy – 
1. Jan D Hansen Hongnor X2-CRT/RB/VP-Pro/Jets Promix
2. Tim Culmsee(TQ) Hongnor X2-CRT/RB/VP-pro/Jets Promix
3. Steffen Culmsee Hongnor X2-CRT/BP engines/Louise tires/Jets NRG