Völker Unbeatable at German Nats


“Officially the drivers attended the Touring Car Indoor German Championship 2009. But unofficially you could also name it the “Völker Games”. Ronald performed in an outstanding way and won the title 2009 in style for the third time in a row. He underlined his extra class and race experience in the fight with his also well-known competitors on a very demanding track. He was fastest in all 5 qualification rounds and dominated the first and second A final from the start to the end! With the Championship already decided the other drivers only fought for the further places. In the end Christopher Krapp edged out Marc Rheinard. The decision for the second place was moved to the third A final. At the end of the second A final both drivers were head-to-head. In the last race of the day Marc did a little mistake and finished sixth. This meant the third place for the World Champion in the overall standings. He was followed by Steven Weiss and Daniel Sieber. Both could improve their positions in the finals – Steven finished 9th in the qualification and Daniel finished 7th.” [Source – lrp.cc]