Venom Creeper Competition Crawler Kit


“This revolutionary 1:10 Scale 2.2 Class Rock Crawler was designed with die hard crawlers, enthusiasts and beginning R/C Hobbyists in mind. Hard core Crawlers will love the innovative chassis design. Enthusiasts will enjoy its scale realism, and beginning and novice hobbyists will enjoy how easy the Creeper is to drive. The Kit features a stylish die cut clear Polycarbonate body that includes window masks and die cut decals. The Venom Creeper features a revolutionary Tru-Lok Locking Differential design with external manual locking sliders and an optional Remote Locker upgrade kit. Differentials include hardened steel bevel and spider gears. A locked differential increases climbing ability. An unlocked differential increases maneuverability. So what do you do on a steep incline that requires a tight turn? With the Optional Remote Diff Lock Kit installed on your Venom Creeper you can lock and unlock the differential on-the-fly using the 3rd Channel on your transmitter! Use two remote kits and a Y-Harness to control both diffs from the 3rd channel or a 4th channel to control them independently.” Find Out More… [Source –]