T2’009 Double Podium Finish At French Nat R1


Team Xray reports – “The first leg of the French national championship was held in the south of France close to Monaco in La Turbie. This is a fast track usually used by 1/8th cars. The weather was uncooperative throughout the whole week-end with lots of rain. The track was wet for all the heats, and we had no grip at all, even if we used the proper tires. Michel Berty took the pole position in Stock, Juan Cachafeiro in Open B, while Arnaud Soulignac put in 2 fast runs on a relatively dry track with his XRAY to take the pole in Open A. For the finals, the weather became increasingly rainy and foggy (one final in OpenB had to be stopped because of the fog). In Stock, Michel Berty easily get the victory after winning the first 2 finals, while Nicholas Lemoine did the same in OpenB. In OpenA, Jérome Carpentier with his Xray T2‘009 and Loic Jasmin separated themselves from the field. Mathias Rascol was able to hold on for 3rd place.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]