Baja 5B Wins 2009 EFRA TT Title!


“Dedicated large-scale racers gathered recently in Spain to contest the EFRA Open 1/6th scale Off-Road TT title, and we are very proud to say that the Baja 5B took home the overall victory, and on top of that, HPI Baja drivers occupied the most spots in the top ten, with five cars! We’ve always known our drivers are special, and this race win really says it all! 48 drivers contested the EFRA 1/6th TT, and to walk away with the win just shows that the Baja 5B is a serious racing machine, even when raced against buggies that cost twice as much!

1. Carlos Pineda (HPI Baja 5B)
2. Lluis Franquesa
3. Alexandr Schmitt
4. Iñigo Salinas (HPI Baja 5B)
5. Xavi Cardús (HPI Baja 5B)
6. Patrick Jr Auvinet
7. Carlos Gonzalez (HPI Baja 5B)
8. Enric Llapart
9. Ian Oddie
10. Felix Gonzalez (HPI Baja 5B)”

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