Apolaro Takes the Florida State Title


Serpent reports – “This past weekend was the 7th and final round of the series and I decided to just run Sedan and finish what I started. I had already missed one race, so I needed to attend this final race. I had a very large lead in the points as I have TQ’d and won most of the races. All I needed to do for this race was basically just register and I would be fine. I did not go to any of the practice on Friday and went late on Saturday. I missed all the practice on Saturday and one of the qualifiers. My sedan is always so good I figured I could show up and be OK. Well for the first time in a long time I showed up and my car was horrible. I ran, what would be my first qualifier, and the car was spinning out all over the place. To top if off I also ran out of fuel. This was starting to look like a bad weekend that was going to be a lot of work. I already had won the series and really did not want to work that hard, but I did what I could with no track time.” Read More… [Source – serpent.com]