LRP Wins Brazilian Stock Championship!


“The 2009 season of the Brazilian Championship got underway in perfect style for team LRP Brazil! Race get started and LRP driver Cesar Salvadori confirmed the fastest pace from the ealier practice finishing on 1st place 1 lap ahead of the other drivers. 1st A-main saw Cesar Salvadori pulling away and winning back to back and finish 1st overall on round 1. The big challenge and exciting new racing format started at the 2nd round of the mains as the winners of the first main had to start on the last spot with all fast opponents lining up in front as well as the slower driver starting on the first places. A-main 2: Cesar had a transmitter module problem and started with about 1 minute of delay. João Hélio also moved from last spot to eventually win with one lap of advantage and catch the overall win of round 2. A-main 3: After an incident at the start the two LRP drivers Cesar Salvadori and Chung Min Hsu fought during 4 minutes for the 1st place putting some impressive times lap after lap. After an exciting and close battle, Cesar pulled up a gap going through lapped cars and won with 3sec of advantage over Chung, followed by Joao Helio.” Read More… [Source –]