Branson Wins BRCA 200mm National


“Saturday was a bit of bad day for us until the end of the day, we had radio problems all day on spectrum as well as some others too. We tryed everything we could to stop this from occuring but nothing would work, but near the end of the day it stopped. We had chance to try a couple of engines and that was about it, the car was good though from a previous test-day that we had done. Mark had problems earlier on in the day aswell because he hit somebody full speed on the straight and his car was not right until the end of the day where he got it near to where he had the car before. My dad re-built my car at the end of the day ready for Sunday. On Sunday the Weather was great for a change, in the practise session my car was really good and Mark got his car feeling right again. In the first round of qualyfying I set TQ by 1 second in front of Mark, In the second round a backmarker spun and I hit him then a car hit me which took a masive chunk out of the tyre, I was still on TQ.” Read More… [Source –]