Sotiropoulos Wins Rd1 in Greece


Serpent reports – “Last weekend we had our first 1/8 race on the ARENA racing track in Athens. The debut of the Serpent 966 in Greece and the first win. No practice was done on Saturday due to heavy rain so we have to go directly to the race. No rain on Sunday but the track still wet. The race was delayed until the track dried. 4 qualification rounds and Sotiropoulos set TQ for the race followed by Farmakis. Total 6 Serpent cars on the A main. On the race the battle was between Sotiropoulos and Totomis until rain came again to the track and changes everything. Fortunately it was just for a minute and grip was built again after a while. Sotiropoulos kept his pole and won the race. On the podium with Giannis and the 3rd place was Arkoumanis Giannis on the first race with the Serpent 960.” Read More… [Source –]