ABEC35 Type-X Bearings


“The long awaited Type-X bearings are now available at ABEC35.com after months of R&D; their drivers had tested them for 2-3 months with satisfactory results. They are exceedingly smooth while increasing life time. ABEC35.com claims that these new bearings works best with composite parts due to imprecision caused by shrinking in the cooling process. There are a total of 33 sizes, the first lot available are for 1/10 – 1/8 competition nitro on roaders. More will be coming, second lot will be 1/10 competition electric on roaders and buggies, final lot will be 1/12 pan chassis and 1/8 nitro buggies & truggies. They are also easy to verify in your pitbox:

1/12 ~ 1/8 on road, 1/10 electric buggies
Red shields – steel balls, oiled
Orange shields – ceramic balls, oiled

1/8 nitro buggies & truggies
Medium Grey shields – steel balls, greased
Light Grey shields – ceramic balls, greased”

[Source – abec35.com]