35’er Meen V. TQ’ed at 2nd KM Asia Cup


“ABEC35 Thai team driver Meen V. TQ’ed and vice champion at 2nd KM Asia Cup held on 28, 29/Mar in Bangkok, Thailand. Meen lost the champion due to a flame out at the first 10 minutes causing him 5 laps. Other 35’ers also did well, Tanit (Thailand) was the top 4 qualifiers, Charlee (Thailand) is a very fast and aggressive driver but the unlucky guy, had problems all 3 heats and started at the lowest finals but fought all the way to the main final. In the 1hr main, Charlee took an early lead ahead of Meen but got a stripped rear belt during the first 15 minutes, just no time to replace worn parts.” [Source – abec35.com]