Wayne Walker Wins with CobraSino Racing


“Wayne Walker wins Australian 1/8th Off Road National Championship with The new CobraSino Racing Class A Pure Digital Signal Servos on board his Mugen MBX6. According to Wayne he said he had no problems all weekend when using the servos with his 100% original 2.4ghz Sanwa/Airtronics M11.Servos were fast ,Strong and no fading occurred . Wayne’s Father Barry stated that after a 30 minute semi he only had to top up the 1400mah nimh receiver pack by only 300mah basically stating that the servos are very energy efficient. We at CobraSino would like to congratulate Wayne Walker for his championship win and we would also like to thank wayne and his father barry for there belief and support of Cobrasino Products.” [Our thanks go to CobraSino Racing for this news]