Answer-RC Flywheel System


“Now available is the Answer-RC Flywheel system. With this we have tried to be all things for all people and to give the widest fitment range available by including crank extenders, collect spacers and an ample supply of shims to get the fitment just right. All the parts are produced to exacting specifications and designed with offering the prime value / quality ratio. We will not compromise on quality and will only release an item once we are happy with it and that we know the price is competitive to all users. The flywheel (ANSCS4001) is of 35mm diameter making it an almost universal fit. To accompany this is the matching hardware kit (ANSCS4002) which includes everything required for mounting the flywheel with the correct nut, collect, shims etc. Also an excellent purchase with any new engine is the complete set which includes our composite shoes, 1.0mm springs, bearings as well as one of our 13T bells. For those not wanting to run a 13t bell we offer an all inclusive set with everything bar the bell (ANSCS4004) so you have the choice to use whatever suits you. Suitable for a vast array of different cars.” [Source –]