HongNor @ Gozo, Malta


HongNor reports – “One of the biggest events took place as usual in our neighbor island Gozo were most of the best drivers in Malta and Gozo take part for this race. The weather was brilliant as we had lots of rain these last 4 months and most of the races in Malta were cancelled. Team Hong Nor headed up to Gozo as usual. Total of 4 drivers made it to the Main Final. Aryton Aquilina, a 13 year young and well talented driver took podium with his Hong Nor X2-Pro Truggy powered by GO engines. Factory drivers Frank Azzoppardi and Ramon Cassar won all the 4 heats with their X2-Pro truggy and made it to the final until some technical problems occured.Frank had a battery failture and Ramon was leading the race untill he had a small mistake on a double jump and popped out the steering linkage rod and then Nicholas Delia finished the race with a win. Congratulations!” [Our thanks go to HongNor for this news]