XB808 Wins Brazil Mid-West Championship R1


Team Xray reports – “The first stage of the Brazil Mid-West Championship was held bringing racers from Goiânia and Brasília together to face off for an early run at the championship. This race would also count as the second stage of the Brasilense series. The track was perfect for the early heats, but gradually deteriorated due to heavy traffic on the wet track. The conditions didn’t prove to be a factor for what turned out to be a great battle between reigning champion Felipe Chaud with his XB808 and rival Rafael Borges. There was a dramatic start to the race for Chaud, whose engine stalled just as the tone sounded the race. Chaud’s mechanics Rafael Rocha and Pedro Moises were quickly able to re-start the engine and get him out on the track, albeit with ground to make up.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]