XRAY Column #28


The 28th edition of Xrays column is now online and can be found here. “The Xmas holiday break was great. After all the hard work during the year 2008 I took the first week off to relax and prepare mentally for 2009. The holiday was typical for me. I took the latest prototypes of the new 2009 cars and a bag of wrenches and tools, and anytime I missed the cars I would start wrenching and enjoying doing nothing… nothing but taking in the enjoyment of building the cars and making lists of all my ideas and comments for future analysis. Once again I was reminiscing about “the old days” when there was no stress from this or that and I enjoyed trimming parts, assembling things, and wrenching on stuff. A great way to cleanse my mind. The 2008 statistics, surveys and feedbacks collected over the last period… as well as production forecasts and schedules… were of course my daily friends but this time without any looming deadlines and pressure the paperwork was much more enjoyable and surprisingly went even faster. So the holiday passed very quickly and after a few days of doing nothing I got back to the racing world. Back to work and back to the life of RC car models.” [Source – teamxray.com]