Nigel Sim Reports West Coast Challenge


Serpent has published a report from Nigel Sim with regards to the West Coast Challenge – “March 6 and 7, 2009 was the weekend for Crystal Park R/C Raceway’s annual West Coast Challenge sponsored by Mugen Seiki USA, Kamikaze Toys and Hobbies, and Z Pizza. All week long we were worried about rain but luckily we were blessed with beautiful weather, sunny skies and a light breeze. Friday March 5th was actually open practice for everyone. A good thing I attended practice since it exposed problems with my radio equipment, first my throttle servo, then my steering servo. After replacing both servos, it was time to test and tune the chassis. Qualifiers for this event were 7 minutes, so fuel economy was not an issue for this event. For the 2009 season, the track layout at Crystal Park has changed, so this is the first big event on this new layout. Since the previous areas of the track where paint and borders were laid down was just painted over with black paint, there were some loose spots in the driving line and a groove barely started setting in towards the end of qualifying. My 966 leftover from the Florida Winternationals in February was ready to go, I changed the car back to my original setup for Crystal Park, with some minor tweaks with the new data collected from the Winternationals. After working out some kinks in my setup, I felt comfortable with my car and was ready to qualify.” Read More… [Source –]