2009 Electric Season Opener


“A fantastic day of Electric Offroad racing at OCR, a first as well, this being the first time we have seen the electric powered rockets in the arena, with a top show being put on by the drivers, with young Ty and Jesse Newman, handling the 2wd trucks skillfully showing the older guys how its done. Jesse, Tony Knauth and Danny White all of which have been in the Nitro Buggy arena previously all putting thier hands to the electrics. Both Jesse and Knauth getting under the 40 second bracket in the first round to set the pace, with Knauth taking the win just 9.42 secs ahead of Newman with Nick Burgess in third and Jay Whitnall fourth. Round 2 again saw Newman and Knauth do a runner on the field to get a big gap, Knauth taking the win with 8 laps 5m 36.368, just getting over the line to put Newman a lap down, with the Team Associated driver Danny White finishing third, Nick Burgess, Lachlan Macdonald, Jay Whitnall and Brett McNair rounding out the field. Round 3 saw Danny White get the holeshot, with Newman and Knauth right on his tail but a small mistake on the second lap let the field catch the leader up, with Knauth getting the better of him to finish 21.13 secs in front with Jesse Newman third.” Read More… [Source – Tony Knauth @ocrraceway.com]