XB808 Wins Madinina Cup On Martinique Island


Team Xray reports – “In the middle of January the FMC club contacted me directly with the invitation to the race. Even if it was really late, it was impossible for me to answer no to this personal invitation. With the short notice, I was only able to travel to the Carribbean island for the weekend for race, no days off. I am hoping it will be possible to extend my visit for the next race there as the island was very beautiful. I was really welcomed by everybody when I arrived on the end of Friday. The race began for me on Saturday with some practice time in the morning. Saturday afternoon, the first 3 qualifying rounds were held. I was able to set the best time of the 3 rounds, even with the excellent driving of the local drivers like Crofils or Ursulet.” Read More… [Our thanks go to Xray for this news]