Serpent 966 1/8 Scale 4WD




 “Serpent is pleased to announce the release of the Serpent 966, the next stage in the development of the highly successfull 960 platform. The new rear-end parts in the car together with the new brake-system are the main changes, but many other small and bigger changes have been made. Click the read more link below for further details.

Chassis Plate –

The backbone of the car is the chassis plate, which has been CNC-machined from extremely stiff american 7075 T6 – 5mm aerospace-quality aluminium and sports a wide front opening to adjust the front anti-roll bar. A cooling slot under the engine helps aid temperature control while chamfered edges prevent the chassis from catching on kerbs giving it better overall ground clearance on the track. It houses the battery pack, which is mounted into the newly-designed carbon fibre battery mounting plate and is held in place by four screws, screwed directly into the chassis plate itself. This new 966 plate has also been machined to accept the optional front stiffener plate.

Brake-system – 

The brake system ensures strong and efficient stopping power. The brake pads consist of two steel plates with the friction material pre-baked to the plates, and the brake disk is made from twin ventilated discs with an air-cooling alu centre. The new braking system sits lower in the car to help LCG. The system is easily accessable for maintenance, due to its very open design. The spring-loaded bar-pads slide on polished steel pins and are activated through the ball-raced brake cam, a large pin moves horizontally to activate the brakes. Due to the horizontal action of the pin, and not the twisting of the brake cam, all distortion in this area is removed and the brake pads are evenly pressed together. The brake cam is supported by ball-bearings for smooth, precise action. This further adds to the precision and exceptional stopping power of the braking system.

Brake 966 – 

Lower mounted brake-assembly for lower LCG. Spring-loaded brake-plates slides on polished steel shafts. Ready-to-run brake plate/pads assembly with new friction brake material. The ball-raced hard anodized brake-cam push the 2 larger pins which are seated in the aluminium bracket, against the brakeplat, to create very smooth and even pressure to the plate.”


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