HB D8T Debuts at the Dirt Nitro Challenge


“This past weekend, Hot Bodies off-road drivers Travis Amezcua, Ty Tessman and Jesse Robbers were in Arizona participating in the huge Dirt Nitro Challenge, marking the big race debut of the much-anticipated D8T truggy, based on the IFMAR World Champion D8 rallycross buggy! Travis and Ty were supported by their fathers, while Jesse had to make do with the designer of the D8 and D8T, Josh Alton. All the family and team support had to help, because even though they represented probably the smallest ‘pro’ team at the event, every one of them made it into the A Main event! It was a grueling race, and not everyone on the team was able to finish, but it still marked a great debut for the D8T, which is due to be in the hands of racers around the world by the summer racing season.” Find Out More… [Source –hbeurope.com]