Xray NT1 Lipo Battery Plate


“The exclusive LiPo tray was designed to accommodate the lower weight of the LiPo receiver battery pack compared to standard NiMH receiver battery packs. CNC-machined from a single piece of solid brass, the tray is additionally black coated for protection and laser engraved with the XRAY logo for authenticity. The slick, narrow design allows you to mount a lightweight LiPo receiver battery pack. Being made of solid brass, weight is brought to the lowest part of the car and to the car centerline. This makes the car more balanced, stable and easier to drive through corners and over curbing. Traction rolling is reduced in high-traction conditions, and handling is improved in low-traction conditions.
• CNC-machined solid brass battery tray for LiPo battery packs
• Compensates for lightweight LiPo packs
• Lowers weight to lowest point of car and car centerline
• Makes car more balanced and stable
• Easier to drive through corners and over curbing
• Reduces traction rolling in high-traction conditions
• Improves handling in low-traction conditions
• Additionally black coated for protection
• Laser engraved with the XRAY logo for authenticity”

[Our thanks go to Xray for this news]