OCR Raceway Event Details


“Well finally the 2009 OCR RC Motorsport season is underway, after months of rain, lots of upgrades to the OCR venue, with new lighting, raised pit lane, new PA system and lots more, the first event of the season went off without a hitch, much to the relief of everyone concerned. Even though the event was just to get warmed up, the racing was as always, hard and fast, with the majority of drivers straight up to speed and on the pace. With Marc Christianson – Losi 8 – OS, Tony Knauth – X2CR – OS, Gary Bui – 808 – RB, Kyle Hodges – X1CR – RB all right on the pace in the first round, Gary Bui taking the round win ahead of Marc Christianson, Hodges in third. Round 2 saw Christianson take the win ahead of Phillip Ciccone – MBX6 – RB, with Tam Bui – 808 – RB in third, Knauth fourth, Gary Bui fifth. Christianson putting down what would the FTD for the event with 14 laps in 8 m30.979.”  Find Out More… [Source – Tony Knauth @ocrraceway.com]