K-Factory Lightweight G4 Differentials


“Differentials play a very important role in all cars, they allow the car to corner and turn smoothly and easily. As in any corner or arc of travel, the outside wheels must travel a greater distance than the inside wheels. Under power, without rear differentials (solid axle) a car will tend to drive in a straight line and cornering will be extremely difficult. Many racers use front spool or one way , this differs from the rear as front wheels turn, the direction of force is applied in the direction the wheels are facing. Regardless, many drivers are reverting back to using front differentials to improve front end performance. What makes a good differential? It is based on precision meshing of bevel gears, perfect balancing, low rotational mass and smooth operation. K Factory developed and produced differentials according to this criteria.” Find Out More… [Source – kfactoryracing.com]