XT8 Wins Israel Super League R3


Team Xray reports – “The third race of the Israel Super League took place at “Top Drive” race track. The track is relatively small but very challenging and requires skill to drive fast consistently. Another challenging issue was the inconsistency of the track itself. We had practiced on the track prior to the race but had to keep up with setup changes after every round. All in all it was very fun racing. In buggy class Paul Price and his brother Dan already secured their place on top of the tables. For Ronen Alkalay it was first time on the track, but after the second round he was already in the pace and had decent result. As for my self I had radio problem on first round, it was almost impossible to control the car. I ended up replacing the transmitter and receiver. I was lucky to have a friend that borrowed me the equipment (thank you, Asi). In the second round I new I have only one chance so I played it safe, ended up in TQ position.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]