New MP9 TCD Gear Set


“Kyosho announces the release of an optional TCD (Traction Control Differential) gear set for the Inferno MP9. The TCD gear set is designed to provide more balanced power delivery under acceleration by reducing differential action. Each of the TCD components are designed to create more friction when power is applied, which effectively increases power delivery to the wheels that have the most traction, unlike a standard differential where power is directed towards those that have less traction. An added benefit of the TCD gear set is that, when off power, it allows more differential action than a standard diff, which maximizes traction and steering response in corner entry. The TCD gear set is recommended for high-traction conditions and for tracks that have medium to high-speed, large radius corners. The TCD gear set can be used in the front differential for increased on-power steering; in the center differential for better rotation and acceleration out of tight corners, or in both positions. The gear set is not recommended for use in low-traction conditions.” [Source –]