Carisma Cars an alternative TC?


“Fancy racing in a competitive yet, extremely affordable class of touring car racing? Then why not join the ranks of Bedworth Model Car Club and form a racing class for the Carisma range of 1/14th scale on road cars. Bedworth, along with local shop FTD racing has been very successful in generating renewed interest in TC racing despite escalating costs. Their classes for stock RTR and open has enabled not only newcomers to compete on a budget but also seasoned racers to enjoy some high performance without breaking the bank. Carisma’s RTR packages feature a race bred 4wd design that performs straight out the box. The competition version includes carbon fibre chassis parts normally reserved for 1/10th cars in excess of £300. The components needed to complete the racing package is equally affordable, yet the performance is that associated with 1/10th.” Find Out More… [Source –]