Airtronics High Power Output 2.4GHz Radios


“Airtronics has made the “next step” in performance and compatibility with their new “FHSS-2” 2.4GHz surface radio technology, developed exclusively by and for Sanwa/ Airtronics to provide superior performance, convenience, compatibility, as well as lower consumer prices. FHSS-2 Technology is first released exclusively in the latest incarnation of their industry leading M11 and MX-3 chassis. FHSS-2 versions of the M11 and MX-3 are now in stock and ready for use. Sanwa in-house engineers have spent months testing and developing this new technology. From buggies to boats, trucks to tractor-pullers, this new technology is compatible with all “surface” applications. Our own factory team Airtronics drivers have tested all the new equipment in the harshest and widest array of environments possible to ensure that all are 100% reliable.

FHSS-2 Features:
• High output power, full range, even on the water
• 100% Receiver-forward compatibility. All surface FHSS-2 receivers are compatible with all FHSS-2 transmitters. If you buy an MX-3 today, the RX will be compatible with the M11 FHSS-2 tomorrow
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) provides more security in harsh, crowded environments
• Fast refresh rate will make you feel “connected” to your car in a way only a digital signal can provide
• Same great, proven transmitter designs and programmability as the original MX-3 and M11 computer radios
• MX-3FG added feature: an easy-opening door on the front of the TX hides the binding button; now it’s much easier to set the TX-RX radio link
• Small, lightweight receiver is compatible with all typical hobby servos, both analog and digital
• TX/Module sets available to use in the M11, M8, and Exces radios. You can go with FHSS-2 2.4GHz in all of these Airtronics surface radios”

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