Mobers at the Snowbirds with S120



Serpent reports – “Hello Serpent racers!! Coming back from the Snowbirds race this year I am very excited about how good the car performed at its first big race! Well, to start of this report, when we (me and my buddy Sven) arrived at Orlando, the famous Florida weather welcomed us. Arriving already on Sunday evening before the event, there was still some time to rest and work on my cars. I met Paul and Butter on Monday to have a chat about setups and tire choice. On Tuesday and Wednesday we had enough time to practice. Tire choice was a problem, as the grip increased massively. I started off with magenta random for qualifying, which was pretty good to start off. During qualifying my car build up so much traction, that it became a little nervous. I changed damping and to different tire compounds, but could not really solve the problem.” Read More… [Source –]