VP PRO “Machine” at Psycho Nitro Blast


VP PRO reports – “Last weekend was the 2nd annual Psycho Nitro Blast in Atlanta, Georgia. Last year there was over 300 entries making this the largest race on the East coast of the USA. This year, top drivers from around the country made the trip out to experience 60 hours of non stop racing action in the large arena with over 320 entries. I arrived on Thursday night with freezing temperatures in the 30’s. By Saturday, the weather warmed up to about 65’F for a comfortable weekend. Friday morning at 7:00am sharp, the track opened for practice. I was very excited to race my new VP Pro tires and my new Cen Matrix R2 buggy. I started out practicing with my Matrix TR Arena on VP Pro Medium Flexx STR Cutoffs. They performed well on the wet track but I wanted to try the Medium Flexx Turbo Trax as well. They had even more traction and steering, so after a few tanks I was confident in my set up and put the truck away for some buggy practice.

Friday afternoon, I was able to practice with my new Matrix R2, which I have never raced before. I started out with Medium Flexx Strikes on the front and Medium Flexx Cutoffs on the rear. They were very good. I then tried Mad Runners on the front, then Wide Cutoffs on the rear. Next was the Turbo Trax. They had a ton of steering but were slightly loose on the dusty track. So I decided to try Wide Turbo Trax, but they had a slight push. My last test was wide Turbo Trax mounted on standard wheels. That gave me a medium wide tire choice. They were dialed with the best traction and steering on the bumpy and slightly dusty track. Practice ended at 7:00am Saturday morning. Qualifying started at 9:00am. They decided to not water the track, so it became even more bumpy and very dusty.

1/8 Pro Truggy
I went with Medium Flexx Turbo Trax on my TR Arena and finished 7th in round 1. In round 2, I managed a safe 6th place to secure a spot in the A-main starting 9th place. I decided to skip round 3 in order to get a few hours of sleep before my final buggy qualifier at 5:00am in the morning.

The A-main started at about 4:30pm on Sunday evening. I stayed with the Turbo Trax and was curious how the wear would be after the 1 hour long A-main event. The track was fairly abrasive, but my tires showed little wear after practice and qualifying. At the start, I dropped back after contact a few times and then I started to get in the groove. I slowly moved my way through the Field from 15th up to 6th. I pitted every 9 minutes thanks to my ceramic Advantage Racing Bearings and the Maxy’s Pro Racing Fuel my OS engine loves. Near the end of the main, leader Mike Truhe dropped out as well as several others in the top 5. That moved me up to 3rd, and I quickly caught and passed to take 2nd position. My engine started to run a little rich, so I stopped going for the huge triple and had to settle for 2nd position behind Adam Drake. I was very pleased with the results and performance of my truck and the VP Pro USA Racing Tires.

1/8 Pro Buggy
I went with the medium wide Turbo Trax in round 1, but flamed out on the start after the 10 minute break to let the smoke clear out of the arena. Round 2 was about 6 hours later. 2 of 3 rounds would seed you for the mains, so I had to make the last 2 count. I put in a safe run to take 9th for the round. The 3rd round would not start until 5:00am Sunday morning. Half a sleep, I managed to get another top 10 and squeak into the A-main in 13th position. Ryan Lopez (the newest driver for VP Pro USA) qualified 12th.

The A-main started around 6:00pm. The track was really dusty, so I went with Striker/Cutoffs. Truhe, Lutz, Degani, and Drake all battle for the early lead. After a rough start, Lopez and I had to work our way through the pack. Lopez was ecstatic with the traction of the Medium Flexx Cutoffs and quickly worked his way into 4th place. I worked my way up to 7th, but then flamed out leaving pit lane, ending my chance at another podium finish. Lopez caught 3rd place, but after a battle with Drake and Degani in the last 10 minutes of the race, he dropped to 6th place. Lopez was very pleased with his 6th place finish considering it was his first time ever racing with VP Pro Racing tires. I finished 11th and was also please with the performance of my new CEN buggy and VP Pro USA tires. I look forward to going back for a third time next year.”

[Our thanks go to VP PRO for this news]