XRAY XT8 – 2009 Specs


“Under the direction of the XRAY legendary world racing team RC car designer Dipl. Ing. Juraj Hudy and the XRAY design team headed to the design studio armed with a truck-full of great new ideas for improving on a already great package ,The new 2009-spec XT8 has been updated for competition racing by focusing attention on the finest details. Whether talking about handling improvement, jumping ability, drivetrain efficiency or acceleration ability, everything has been improved on the XT8. The 2009 XT8 features new front suspension, all new big-bore shocks for improved handling, new weight balance for much improved handling over bumps, super lightweight drivetrain parts, and all new graphite parts replacing aluminum equivalents to bring weight down to a minimum. And that is only a partial list of what we’ve done. The 2009-spec XT8 Truggy is again another perfect example of XRAY’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. Get set to take the Truggy class by storm with the new 2009-spec XT8.

New 2009 XRAY XT8 Specs:

• improved chassis balance and weight distribution
• all-new threaded big bore shocks
• new chassis with improved weight balance and longer wheelbase
• new big-bore shock springs
• new rubber protective shock boots
• new ultra-lightweight HUDY Spring Steel™ drive shafts
• new ultra-lightweight HUDY Spring Steel™ central drive shaft outdrives
• new ultra-lightweight HUDY Spring Steel™ drive axles
• new front suspension geometry with adjustable upper camber link
• new graphite radio plate
• new graphite central diff upper plate
• new front & rear graphite shock towers
• new graphite front upper plate
• new graphite steering plate
• new front upper HUDY Spring Steel™ adjustable turnbuckles
• new fuel tank pressure cap with 1-pc profiled seal for perfect fitment
• new longer engine mounts to reduce chassis bending
• hard clutch springs

XRAY XT8 Overview:

• XRAY Racing Truggy based on the European Champion off-road buggy
• Pure racing design and premium luxury quality with highest performance
• All parts specifically designed and developed for Truggy-specific high-performance suspension geometry, specific ultra-efficient drivetrain parts with optimal Truggy ratio
• Only premium and exclusive materials used throughout the car
• Exclusive Hudy Spring Steel™ drivetrain parts for highest performance and unmatched lifespan
• Efficient C-hub suspension with innovative I.A.C. (Integrated Adjustable Caster™)
• Lightweight strong molded steering blocks with molded-in steel bushings (XRAY innovation)
• Fully adjustable suspension featuring I.S.S. (Integrated Suspension Settings™)
• Ultra-low CG, all parts are centralized in chassis
• Optimized front/rear and left/right weight balance for perfect jumps
• Fully independent, fully-adjustable suspension with full-time 4WD
• Ultra lightweight high-tensile transmission parts hand made from special world-renowned top-secret self-developed Hudy Spring Steel™
• Drivetrain includes 22 precision rubber-sealed bearings for maximum efficiency and speed
• Ultra-precision front/rear and center diffs with Hudy Spring Steel™ outdrives
• Pinions, spurs, crown gears and clutchbell manufactured by HUDY
• All new extra long big bore shocks for perfect handling on bumpy tracks and big jumps
• Laser-cut, precision-ground steel brake disks for ultra-efficient fade-free braking
• Adjustable turnbuckles made from Hudy Spring Steel™
• Swiss 7075 flywheel with aluminum clutch shoes
• Stylish XRAY Truggy body included”

[Our thanks go to Xray for this news]