HPI Racing RTR Sprint 2 Flux


“Unleash the all-wheel-drive beast, the ready-to-run Sprint 2 Flux brushless 1/10th scale 4WD touring car is here! The Flux Brushless System takes the durable Sprint 2 platform to the next level with amazing performance from brushless motor technology. The Sprint 2 Flux is our most reliable onroad chassis – the workhorse of the HPI touring car line-up, built with indisputable HPI durability. The Sprint 2 Flux is available in three different flavours, so you can choose your favourite era of racing: For the pure Vintage look, you can choose the #100424 or #100425 kit with the classic ’66 Ford Mustang GT #17519 and Corvette bodyshells respectively, #3808 & #3813 vintage 8 spoke wheels (with 31mm wide wheels in the back) and grippy period-correct #4793 & #4797 Vintage Racing muscle car tyres! If you’re more into the ‘modern retro’ look, look closely at the #100442 kit, fitted with the awesome Ford Mustang GT-R concept #7268 bodyshell, #3842 slick Volk Racing TE37 6-spoke chrome wheels and our famous #4790 X-Pattern racing tyres!” Find Out More… [Source – hpi-europe.com]