Serpent 966 Revealed


“Serpent releases the pictures of the main changes in the Serpent 960 platform. The images and text in the product-news about the conversion show the main changes in detail. Good news for current Serpent 960 owners, that they can upgrade their car to the new 966 version. The full 966 story to follow mid february, after the Nurnberg Toyfair. If you have a chance then drop by at our booth in Nurnberg the please do, we have more news to show you. Serpent designer/owner Michael Salven and a number of USA/Brasil drivers will race the Serpent 966 at the 2009 Winternationals next week in Frt Myers, Florida, which has over 100 drivers entered already. So you can also see the Serpent 966 in action there. We will publish reports on the race as well.” [Source –]