X-6 Squared Chassis Close-Up


A close up of the new X – 6 Squared chassis has been published by 2WDRC showing several more refinements, full details of which can be found following the read more link.

  • “Battery slots no longer go completely through the chassis. Adds strength and LiPo drivers do not need the slots, Interior of the car stays cleaner.
  • Two servo mounting positions, forward and back allows drivers to move that heavy component for tuning.
  • Bottom covers from original X – 6 eliminated, replaced with brass bushings to hold front of rear hinge pins. Saves a step in assembly and eliminates four steel screws to save weight.
  • Large center stiffening brace replaced by two smaller braces to produce better molding conditions. Stronger design saves weight – a double win!
  • Chassis sides angled up for better ground clearance in corners.
  • Choice of two antenna mount positions show clearly here.
  • Fewer parts + fewer screws = Newest Math!!!”

Further details can be found at 2wdrc.com