Serpent 966 Braking System (Scoop 3)


Details have been released of the Serpent 966 Braking System –  “Before we bring you the more complete specs and images of the 966, we like to show you the bracket which supports the 2-speed shaft and the right hand side. This beautifully machined masterpiece has a number of functions to take care off: -support bearings of the the 2-speed layshaft and together with its left counterpart, make it run 100% true and free -support / fasten the right hand side carbon fibre chassis stiffner -support the ball-raced aluminium hard anodized brake-cam and holds the spring-loaded brake-assembly with the 2 slider-shafts and steel brake-pressure pins -support the ball-raced rear anti-roll bar The right bracket has 2 steel pins pressed into the bottom side, which then precision fit in the position holes in the chassisplate, to create a perfectly true fit adding precision and stiffness. The same system is also applied to the left counterpart and the rear machined alu bearingblocks. So even when the 2-speed shaft brackets are separate from the main aluminium rear bearingblocks, the assembly pin-system will secure a pertect fit and very rigid construction, together with the new allen type steel screws (throughout the car).” Find Out More… [Source –]