T2’009 TQ & Double Podium Finish At DHI Cup 2009


Team Xray reports – “As usual, the big opening international race of the New Year is the DHI Cup. This year marked the 9th anniversary where top European drivers come together in Denmark to battle it out for the DHI Cup title in Modified and Stock classes. Team XRAY of course could not miss this race, and the best European team drivers were ready to get the best possible results in both classes. It was pleasure to see that the XRAY car was one of the most used cars in both Modified and Stock classes. The biggest team came from Germany, with more than 20 stock drivers. The race started on Friday with four rounds of free practice and one qualifying round. There were a total of five qualifiers where the best three counted. The biggest problem of the race, right from the beginning, was the carpet. The carpet was full of fibres and every driver had to spend nearly 2 hours cleaning their car after each run. The fastest guy at the track right from the beginning was Alexander Hagberg. His car was really smooth and easy to drive and thanks to this he was able to set the fastest lap times. Teemu was also really fast but his car was a little bit more difficult to drive so he was making some small errors.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]