Xceed PS1 30A Power Supply


“Xceed Power Supply 30A #107001 Professional Power-Supply with 30A output. Very high 30A output, strong alu case, 2 connectors-sets in the rear, 2 USB connectors on the front to charge any mobile equipment.

Description – 

Input voltage – 110v(105v-115v)240v(215v-240v)Input frequency – 50hz/60hz
Output voltage – 12v~15v
Output current – 25a~max30a
Output wattage – max360w
Efficiency – 80%(min)

USB-connectors to charge phones, camera’s or Ipod and similar. Electric car racers can connect 2 chargers and a tyre heater and the I-pod and phone. Gas-racers can connect the tyre-truer, charger and I-pod and phone, if needed even all simultaniously.” [Source – xceedrc.com]