Winter Caribbean Cup 2008


Serpent reports – “The Winter Caribbean Cup 2008 took place on December 11 to 14, Puerto Rico. An exciting four days of racing with two days of practice Thrusday and Friday, five rounds of qualifiers on Saturday and all mains on Sunday. There were some attendance from top racers of the US, including Serpents Paolo Morganti and Mugen Mike Swauger. Paolo arrived at the track midday along with Edgar Tirado. Jesus Rivera was already at the track early morning along with Geovannie Gonzalez. The track was wet in the morning from early rain. After it dried up, the track was prepped for racing with a home-made mixture. Traction was fairly good, some of the drivers had trouble with traction rolling. So a few setup changes were needed in order to put in a good qualifier the next day.” Read More… [Source –]