Juan Rodriguez dominates Puerto Rican Championship


Serpent reports – “Early morning rain delayed the start of the last race for the Puerto Rican Championship Title. The track dried up relatively fast. Although traction was lost due, so some setup changes were in order for many of the drivers. Juan C Rodriguez ran out of fuel in the first qualifier and anticipating the same runtime problems for the second qualifier, he quickly changed engines before the second one. Jesus Rivera had some bad luck in the first qualifier but was able to put in a good run in the second one just one second behind Juan. Edgar Tirado had some trouble in both qualifiers and had to run the B main, which he won and bumped up. In the 45 minute main, it was a tough battle at the start between Andy Baez and Juan C Rodriguez. After 45 minutes, it was Juan C who came out on top of the pack taking first place in the race and taking the Puerto Rican Championship title away from Mugen Driver Andy Baez.” Read More… [Source – serpent.com]