AKA Winter Series Rd1


Round one of the 2008/2009 AKA Winter Series got off to a flying start with no less than 71 drivers making the trip to DRT. This was set to be a no walk in the park race meeting for anyone as the level of driver in attendance was fantastic. To name a few we had “Mike Cradock Kyosho MP9, Brennan Ralls Xray 808, Sam Taylor Mugen MBX6, Elliot Boots Mugen MBX6, Tommy Chung Kyosho MP9, Kevin Brunsden Xray 808 and Reece Sawyer Kyosho MP9” The first round got underway and with a slightly damp surface the guys were laying down the laps and having fun round 2 saw the cars getting faster as racers altered there setups to suit the conditions but this was to be the start of a turning point in the day as the racing gods decided that we would like to race in the rain again “Just For a Change” and it started with gentle rain but very quickly turning to what seemed to be a mini tropical downpour for round 3. Read More @ PirateRC