Kershaw Designs Revo Brushless Conversion Chassis


“Maybe you’ve seen the brutal power from a good brushless system. Image that power on hand in your Revo and still having second gear to reach even higher speeds. This chassis allows for easy installation of the Revo’s front and rear end assemblies plus the automatic transmission. You maintain the automatic shifting, reverse, the power of brushless and the legendary suspension of the Revo.

• Chassis plates made from 100% natural heat treated aluminum. 
• Low Center of Gravity (LCG) to handle the most potent powerplants. 
• Mount up to 8 NiMH cells per side. Battery stop included for LiPo.
• Chassis maintains operational 2 speed automatic shifting and reverse with the power of brushless! 
• Mount for 700-sized motors can be had at your request. 
• Kershaw Designs recommends using 16T Mod 1 pinions if using XL brushless motors and standard sized tires 
• Includes all necessary installation hardware and illustrated instruction manual.” [Soucre –]