Dutch Truggy Cup


“Last weekend saw another race of the Dutch Truggy-cup in Oberhausen. Because this race was held in Germany, about 20 German drivers entered the race too. Most of them had already a lot of experience with the track so it was extra difficult for the Dutch drivers without this experience. The race started in dry conditions and everybody was struggling a bit with traction. At the time it became more clear which tires to use but then it started raining so everybody had to start all over again. In the semi-final Bas secured his place in the final and Erik, again …. suffered technical problems. This time the receiver battery failed so for the third time in a row no good result for him. The main final with Bas in third starting position started with rain but during the race it stopped raining and the track dried up a bit. Bas gave it all and 4th position was an excellent result and he extended his lead in the Dutch Truggy-cup. “This race proved again that the Hong Nor X1-CRT and X2-CRT cars withstand the toughest conditions and are fast on all tracks. As always we took a lot of spare-parts with us to the track to support all Hong Nor drivers but again we hardly had to use the parts.” says our HN drivers from the Netherlands.” [Click the read more link below for the results!]

1- Nico Schumann
2- Paul Geelen
3- Stefan Petrich
4- Bas de Konink 
5- Markus Maier
6- Theo Kuypers
7- Jochen Pothmann
8- Kris Verlies
9- Ron Beton
10- Joern Neumann
11- Sven Simros
12- Mark van Waayenburg