Answer-RC MBX6 Bearings


Answer-RC’s Mugen MBX6 Full SP Bearing Set 24pc are superb quality and specced to be longer lasting and able to cope with higher rpm. Excellent quality and superb value. These Answer-RC bearings use 1 x rubber seal and 1 x metal shield. This is to be installed with the rubber seal facing the dirt. The metal shield offers less resistance therefore reducing load on the bearing giving a higher max rpm. 1 x Complete set of 24Bearings for the Mugen MBX6 Excellent value by comparison to the Associated OEM bearings. Smoother – higher rpm and longer lasting.

Contains – 
4 x ANSBR1234 15mm x 21mm
14 x ANSBR0816 8mm x 16mm
4 x ANSBR0610 6mm x 10mm
1 x ANSBR0510 5mm x10mm