Top Dog Dash For Cash Championship


“Firstly a quick welcome back to Gavin Newman, back from the other side of our big brown land, Gav travelled the 3000km plus trip to Sydney to compete in the 2008 FEMCA event, although not one of Gav’s best events, but the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes from racing on the same playing field as rc legends such as Osaka and the likes can only be of benefit and is priceless, welcome back Gav and congratulations on your 2008 Points Series win. And now on to the racing in the first round of the 2008 Top Dog Dash for Cash. Again with the OCR circuit being ravaged by monsoonal rains over the past 2 weeks, not uncommon at this time of year, the track surface had taken a real beating, with all the rubber washed off and a layer of sand and gravel on the top again, the practice session and first heats were very challenging to say the least. Round 1 saw Newman take the win ahead of hard charging Gary Bui and Tony Knauth, with Kyle Hodges and Gary Puttock battling hard for fourth and fifth, with Newmans young son Jesse taking a well deserved sixth ahead of Tam Bui, Skip Jackson, Tom Jones and Tim Nicol rounding out the Top Ten.” Read More… [Source – Tony Knauth]