HongNor Wins in Malta


“The first truggy race of the season in Malta was held at the Bahrija offroad track and sponsered by Simonmodels. Lots of drivers entered this race including some top drivers from Malta. The race started at 10.30 am but unfortunetly at the mid of the day it was disrupted by some heavy rain for a few minutes. HongNor Team drivers Frank Azzoppardi and Ludvick Formosa were doing very well driving their X2 Truggy with the LPR X tyres from Hong Nor.They both made it directly to the main final from the heats. Ludvick TQ’d the heats with a record of 12/5.03. Anothe 13 year old driver Aryton Aquilina, who drove very well without any mistakes with his X2, made it to the semi’s and was leading the semi with a lap ahead until he had a battery failure and had to quit. At the finals Frank was leading the race at the beginning and continued till the end flawlessly. He made 33 laps which made him the TQ and his record was 1 lap more than the second driver. The new LPR X tyres from Hong Nor helped all drivers to do good lap times and put Frank to a Win!!

Final Positions – 
1st Frank Azzoppardi /Hong Nor X2/OS Vspec tuned
2nd Roberto Migneko /Kyosho
3rd Noel Micallef /Mugen”