HongNor Wins at FEMCA


“Last weekend FEMCA 2008 was held in Sydney. Hong Nor team Driver Martin Wolhuter won the Truggy class, and Zac Ryan finished 3rd in buggy class. Martin was driving the X2-CRT and Zac was driving his old X1X with all the upgraded parts from the Worlds. Zac worked his way up from 47th qualifier to 3rd on the podium. Many people have been expecting the soon-to-be-released X2 buggy, and Zac just proved his choice to go with the kit was THE right decision. Congratulations to both drivers!

“Martin and Zac had a really hard time of it at the FEMCA. Both of them had no practice as they had work commitments and could’nt get there until qualifying had already started. Martin didnt get his car setup right until the minor finals had started and had to bump up all the way in both classes. Zac had to get used to the new chassis from the Worlds and had a lot of over steering problems he had to tame down. The good news is that Martin won the Truggy by about 5 laps and Zac was in a good position to win buggy as he was leading the race and flamed out due to plug failures which bought him back to 10th. He fought his way back to a podium 3rd position. People that saw the race said Zacs car was awesome!” says the HN Australian distributor.

“Well FEMCA was a very interesting event for me. I missed all my practice heats because I had uni. on the wednesday and went straight into the qualifiers. All qualifying I had engine troubles and I only got one qualifier in. I finally sorted out my engine but I had qualified 47th. I managed to bump from 16th-8th-4th and semi finals to make final. Then in the final I took the lead on the second lap and the car felt really good and I managed to crawl back up to 3rd. It was a real shame as I had a real shot at winning this event but the Axe Rossi gave me the power to get back in the race'” says Zac after the race.” [Our thanks go to HongNor for this news]