Werks Racing 1/8th Buggy Tires Go Pre-Mount!


“After months of testing and development we are not only pleased to announce that we are offering pre-mounted 1/8th buggy tires but that we are taking the giant step of going 100% pre-mount only on our 1/8th buggy tires! Yes you read that right, Werks Racing will no longer be selling un-mounted 1/8th Buggy tires period! Why? The answer is simple, which driver in their right mind wants to glue tires? To offer one of the best packages in the industry we have taken our complete range of 1/8th buggy tires and matched them with 2 of our other recently released products. Our new “white” super consistent, medium compound molded insert and our new low weight, large diameter 1/8th buggy dish wheel. We have combined this with a proven “Italian” gluing system for an inseparable glue bond! So combined you get super rubber compounds, awesome inserts and large diameter wheels all manufactured, assembled and glued in Italy at an attractive and affordable price!” [Our thanks go to Werks Racing for this news.]